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What is the worst seat on every flight?

Middle Seat Hell

The middle seat of course!  Everyone hates the middle seat because it offers none of the freedoms of the isle seat, nor does it provide a place to lay your head when you’re tired like the window seat.  Now that airlines are taking steps to make sure all flight are left as full as possible, avoiding the middle seat is likely to cost you.  According to MARTHA C. WHITE  of the New York Times, airlines are filling flights to fuller capacity and increasing the price to select seats.  For example, Southwest Airlines, which doesn’t assign seats, raised the price for early boarding from $12.50 to $15.00.  The legacy carriers are not including seat assignments in their lowest fare.  Some passengers have even taken extreme measures to avoid the middle seat, including purchasing an isle or window seat and a middle seat.  On legacy carriers this is often cheaper than first of business class.  Other’s have tried anything from bargaining to feigning medical conditions.  Personally I was simply asked to switch with nothing in return.  The problem was it was a flight from Europe to the United States and I paid 35 Euros for my isle seat so I declined.  My recommendation, if you do have a good seat, don’t give it up for nothing in return.  Even if the person does have their wife or girlfriend sitting next to you, ask for compensation.  Why should you take the middle seat and be miserable for the entire flight with nothing in trade.  Make them buy you a drink or three.   It’s clear that passengers are either going to have to plan ahead or purchase seat assignments to avoid the worst seats on the flight.  Showing up at the last minute to a prime time flight and expecting to avoid the middle seat is foolish and we don’t recommend it.