JetBlue adds nap pods to their hub at JFK airport

Jet Blue continues to outdo themselves.  Jet Blue has decided to add new nap pods at their home JFK airport.  These new pods will recline playing relaxing music to reduce distractions.  The pods have a time limit of 20 minutes.  Though I’m skeptical as to how much 20 minutes can actually help a person relax, this is a nice amenity for a weary traveler.

Jet Blue Nap Pod

Jet Blue isn’t the only organization offering nap pods.  Nap pods are available.  Pods are available In London’s Luton airport and Toronto’s Pearson airport, but JetBlue is the first US airline to offer nap pods customers in the US.


More information courtesy of CNN and NYPost.


The Big Three US Airlines Want to End Cheap Fares

The big three US airlines are doing everything in their power to stop cheap fares.  With the rise of low cost carriers like Southwest, JetBlue and Spirit Air, the big three scheduled airlines: United, American and Delta, have been under increasing pressure to compete on price.  To a lesser degree, the scheduled airlines have tried to compete by offering cheap fares.  Now the big 3 airlines have decided to reign in the cheap fares by restricting ticketing engines from pairing bargain, non-refundable segments when multiple cities are involved.  What will this mean?  Well a typical flight from Los Angelos to Chicago via San Francisco and returning might have cost $450.  Now the same itinerary might cost $1200 (New Airfare Policy).  Aside from the fact that this route is hardly more desirable, given that one has the inconvenience of the transit, but the customer has to pay for the privilege.

Big 4 Legacy Airlines

We’re predicting that the low cost carriers will continue to gain market share on the traditional big three airlines.  If the American low cost carriers ever decide to become international, then the big three airlines will continue to play defense with respect to market share.  It’s not unheard of.  Southwest Airlines, Jet Blue, and Spirit Air already offer international flights within North America. Internationally, Ryanair, EasyJet, Air Asia, Jetstar, and Tiger Airways have become major regional players in their respective markets. Should the US low cost carriers follow these examples, the traditional three Airlines will continue to suffer accordingly.

US Senate rejects plan to regulate Airline Seat Size.

The United States Senate rejected a new proposed bill to regulate the size of airline seats.  So the size of the seat will remain the sole discretion of the airline.

Airline Seat Size

What’s especially interesting is that some of the “low cost carriers” such as Jet Blue and Southwest are on the larger side.  Only the ultra-low cost carrier, Spirit Air has a significantly smaller seat than the traditional scheduled airlines.   More information on the airline seat sizes can be found here at CNN Money.

How to fly for free (or nearly free).

Accumulate Frequent Flyer miles

If you like to travel, flying is a significant portion of your budget.  One way to significantly cut down on your travel expenses is with frequent flyer programs.  I know “boo”, it  takes too many miles to  get a flight.  Or I don’t fly enough to earn enough miles.  Well, just hear me out.

The first thing you need to do is sign up.  If you don’t sign up for a frequent flyer program, your reward is zero.  Even the most casual flyer can accumulate a significant amount of miles over a long period of time.

Are you the type who pays off their credit card balance after every month?  I am, and some cards offer significant opportunities to accumulate miles for your favorite airline.  Some airlines like Lufthansa offer their own credit cards where you can get 1 mile for every 2 Euros spent.   If you make habit of putting all of your shopping on your credit card, and paying it off, you will earn either a free or fantastic discount on your next airline ticket.

Do you rent a car for business?  If you do, you can always include your frequent flyer number to accumulate even more miles.

For more information, check out the Save70 blog.

Sick of filthy airplane restrooms? Boeing has the answer.

How many have been flying and nature calls only to find the airplane restroom is filthy?  We all have and it’s disgusting.  Wouldn’t it be great if the bathroom could be cleaned after every person uses the bathroom?  Now Boeing may have the solution.  Boeing will begin installing self-cleaning restrooms which clean and apply ultraviolet light to sanitize after each use.  So even if you are a germophobe, you can rest assure that you will have the cleanest possible restroom.

Please watch at CNN money



US Travelers, please inform yourself before you fly!

American Airlines Check in, Boarding Pass issue


Though this article specifically singles out American Airlines, it could easily happen to travelers of any airline.  You must have a boarding pass when going through TSA checkpoints at US airports.  If you don’t have your boarding pass with your correct name on it, you will not be allowed to board.  American Airlines in particular, will not issue a boarding pass if the plane has started boarding, but given my experience in this business, once the boarding has started, check in has closed.  That means, it’s your last chance to get a boarding pass once check in has closed.  Make sure you have your boarding pass long before the plane starts boarding, or you will be turned away at security.