Why we still like JetBlue


I admit it, I took pleasure, you might say glee, in the irony, that the two biggest US low cost carriers offered service which was superior to the traditional airlines. While US low cost carriers were eliminating luggage allowances, overcharging for refreshments, and overall offering less for more money, JetBlue and Southwest Airlines continued to include luggage and overall better service. To our disappointment, JetBlue decided to eliminate the free baggage.1 Though at $20 dollars for the first bag, Jet Blue is cheaper than United2, American3, or Spirit (which charges for carry on bags as well)4, we think luggage should be included on trips. We don’t approve of their decision to eliminate the free checked luggage, but we still regard JetBlue as one of the better airlines, because they continue to offer better services such as their new wifi and in cabin entertainment.

JetBlue Entertainment
JetBlue’s new, redesigned in flight Entertainment Screens

JetBlue’s new state of the art WiFi, allows the user uninterrupted service from the moment they arrive in the terminal, throughout the flight and continuing to when the passenger arrives at their destination5. If you’re business traveler and you need to maximize your time, this feature will let you keep working uninterrupted. Most airlines airlines require their passengers to switch off electronic devices during takeoff, however JetBlue’s WiFi will remain active through the enter flight. The new WiFi is quick too at 12-20mps, your internet access is faster than most residential internet access. However the speed and uninterrupted performance isn’t the best feature. While other airlines are charging ridiculous fees per hour for on board internet access, JetBlue is offering WiFi free of charge.

If you don’t want to access the internet, at least the in flight entertainment selection is enough to pass the time. Jet Blue’s in flight entertainment runs on an android based, touch screen operating system. The customer has the option to watch over 100 Direct TV channels or choose from a library over 300 movies. To make the flight even more enjoyable, JetBlue plans to retrofit it’s plans with new 10.1” touch screens.

We like that JetBlue is innovating. Though the Airline is considered a low cost carrier, their services are still considerably better than the completing legacy carriers. Now, if only we could convince Jet Blue to bring back the complimentary checked bag.